How It Works

You have an issue with a property (a potential listing or a listing). The issue needs: help / attention / resolution.

The issue could be anything:
•  the physicals need help (usually deferred maintenance),
•  the visual appearance has issues needing a tune-up, or
•  an inspection report must be understood/addressed, or
•  a client who could be helped with independent eyes or consulting advice on some issue.

You open a “Ticket” with your issue on our web-based “Help Desk” and then we respond. Our Help Desk staff have over 50-years’ experience in real estate (realtor, salesperson, paralegal, title and closing) and over 20 years’ experience in residential and commercial maintenance, construction and landscape work.

Your ticket includes your message and any just about any computer file you have (text, pictures, pdfs, reports, video, etc.) on your computing device (computer or smartphone) and also on some of your web/cloud services.

If you open, or thereafter reply on, a ticket from your cellphone, you can take new pictures while you are creating your message (no need to take pictures and then attached the picture files).

Your ticket creates as a folder to keep the initial and subsequent communications (and attached files) in one accessible link on your private “My Tickets” webpage.

If your issue could be helped, we may suggest our free “Property Issue Report.”  One of our Consultants would meet with you and your client at the property, do an inspection, and provide a report identifying the issues that should be addressed and the estimated cost. The time required would be about one hour.

Our Property Issue Report is not a home inspection report. Home inspection reports are designed for purchasers. Our Property Issue Report is designed for sellers.

Our Property Issue Report has a focus to address issues which will (1) improve the sales price and (2) reduce the time-on-market.

Our Property Issue Report may contain two levels of recommendations: priority and desirable. Both priority and desirable recommendations address issues which, if implemented, will increase the final sales price and reduce the time-on-market. However, desirable recommendations may involve other impacts which only the owner/seller can evaluate (time available, budget, bang for the buck trade-offs).

Our Consultants have over 20-years’ experience in commercial and residential construction and renovation work. They are also independent contractors currently actively doing this kind of work. Your client will not get a sales pitch, and there is no obligation to contract with them.

If you do contract with our Consultants they will have commercial liability insurance and a licensed tradesmen will perform work requiring a licensed.  Additionally, because your communications will continue through our Help Desk making a record for us to review, you may call upon the Help Desk with a new ticket should any problems arise.

Our Consultants have completed our training program to only focus only on issues that will impact the sale. It is with this dual qualification (1) up-to-date working knowledge of maintenance and construction work and (2) our training to focus on issues impacting sales price and time-on-market, that makes our Property Issue Report so unique and useful in resolving impediments to a good sale.

To use our Help Desk, you must register.  We do not provide any registration information to third parties – it is only used to communicate with you.

Once registered, you may enter Help Desk tickets and receive responses.

Please register now and open a Help Desk ticket to just say “Hi.”

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