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Resources to give you help for:

  • a better sales price, and
  • less time-on-market.

What do you mean by “odd jobs”?

Odd Jobs are those tasks need to get the property ready for sale.  Here are some examples:

  • Sometimes an owner may need help to clean-out and remove small and large items, and the floors or cabinets may need clean-ups.
  • Beyond those tasks, a “tune-up” in deferred maintenance, usually at modest cost, can greatly help in maximizing value for the seller and make for a quicker sale.  A leaking faucet or running toilet, a broken electrical switch or outlet, are all distractions away from the decision to buy.
  • Landscape tune-ups also work to improve visuals for a modest cost.  Pruning and removing the overgrown, dead wood and ground litter, sometimes fresh mulch or modest new plantings, again focused on visual impact, can help in maximizing value for the seller.

Our focus is in increasing sales appeal and reducing time-on-market.  That is why our “odd jobs” help is different.

But we can also help in other ways, for example:

  • Property Issue Report:  For an independent evaluation of visuals improvement, our Property Issue Report is uniquely focused on (1) improving the sales price, and (2) reducing the time-on-market. Our Property Issue Report is uniquely designed for sellers, focusing on visual issues impacting a successful sale.  It is not a buyer’s home inspection report, but it does address visual issues which may be raised in a home inspection report, so that they can be addressed earlier for a smoother closing.
  • Paper work issues:  certificate of occupancy, permit issues, title and mortgage/lien issues can be addressed.

These are but examples, if you have any issue, our free Help Desk (see below) may resolve it.

What is Realty Odd Jobs?

We recommend and connect your realty issues with help and solutions through our Help Desk.

Our Help Desk is free to Long Island, NY real estate professionals and home owners.

The Help Desk provides easy text communication using your cell phone (and desk top).  You can state your issues, add photos, reports, and all sorts of files.

Our replies are prompt,  the Help Desk will respond with information, suggestions and alternatives.  Sometimes you can resolve the issue yourself.  Other times you may wish to order services.

Smart phone technology to evaluate,
manage, and
resolve issues.

Our staff has over 50-years experience in real estate (realtor, salesperson, paralegal, title and closing) and in residential and commercial maintenance, construction and landscape work.  Service providers are insured and have the required licenses for the work they do.  Any issues with service providers are moderated by the Help Desk, as we only recommend providers attentive to your needs.

Reach us also by phone at 631.861.3500

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