War Stories

War Story 1

The home inspection report had lots of  items with costs ranging from $200 and up, my homeowner is totally resistant with a demanded $11,000 reduction in the sales price, what do I do?

Our recommended consultant arranged for remediation at a reduced price the homeowner accepted, the issue was taken care of, with no change in the sales price.

War Story 2

The home inspection report had issues with attic “venting” over the garage not being enough and other such issues.

Our Consultant found that most of these issues were really “code upgrades” in that the original construction was fine, but new construction had to be different because the code changed.  The “code upgrade” reality even passed muster with the buyer’s attorney.

War Story 3 and 4 

My client doesn’t want to do anything.  If the house was good enough for him, then it is good enough.  There are stains on the ceiling from a repaired roof leak.  What do I do?

I have an open house in 4 days, and now ceiling has stains from the roof that is leaking intermittently, help.

Service providers remediated the issues, open-house was successful.

War Story 5

We are in contract, and now there is no CO on the dormer.  The buyer sees blood and wants a $40,000 reduction in the sales price.

Our consultant developed an exhibit that showed the cost of remediation and the carrying charges for the time to get the CO which the seller would have to bare, was only 1/4 the amount demanded.   This allowed the broker to save the transaction.

War Story 6

My client is elderly and cannot face cleaning out the clutter, she will deal with that when there is a sale.  When I say that doing it now will help making the home look better to buyers, she is not receptive.  She will get to it, when she gets to it.

We found a service provider that would work 2-hours a day to help the homeowner by doing the heavy hauling at her direction.  In 3 weeks the job was done.

War Story 7

The vacant lot next door has weeds and litter.  No one wants to go in there because the weeds are poison ivy.

We arranged for a service provider who physically removed both the litter and the poison ivy.